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Vertex Live Control Workshop

14. Mai, Studio 1, Epicto, Edingen-Neckarhausen

Meet Vertex

The Next Generation AV Production suite for fixed installations, live events, show-control or streaming solutions.


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Uncompressed Playback, 10bit HDR content, Photoshop files, or just simple clips? Vertex offers support for over 180 video codecs, image formats, and even interactive HTML 5 assets. Create innovative screen designs and Integrate Vertex into Broadcast workflows using input cards or streaming protocols such as NDI in or out.


Control and monitor any device for museums, theme parks, shows, and installations. Vertex offers a large toolset for easy and powerful programming for any project. Be it for creating touchscreen interfaces or complex logical task programming, Vertex combines the essential functions in one application.


Create logic programming using the integrated Vertex node framework or deliver rich interactive digital experiences using our drag and drop based UI editor. Integrate real-time render engines such as Unreal, Unity, Ventuz or Notch to combine the creativity of real-time systems with the power of a AV Production Suite.


Hardware independent

Use the hardware best suited for your project. Build your own hardware depending on your performance needs or rely on a turnkey system-provider.



Combine any number of VERTEX systems via Network to create a scalable playout solution for media playback and projection mapping.



Multi User by Design, Vertex brings collaboration to a new level, allowing users to work together in one project.


Sample Applications

Immersive Spaces: Work with multiple operators in the Vertex multi-user environment to efficiently warp and program large immersive installations or use VIOSOs automatic projector calibration plugin for even faster workflows.

Live Production: NDI in and out with alpha channel, SRT, RTMP, SDI in and out, these features any many more make Vertex the ideal choice for live production ranging from broadcast to streaming studios.

Projection Mapping: Fast and versatile workflows in 2d or 3d! Use 3D models with marker calibration for automatic projector positioning and lens distortion correction, or work in a 2D environment with stackable FFD modifiers.

Rental Staging: Dedicated light console control, flexible STMPE Timecode in & out combined with high performance playback and integration with industry standard protocols such as Midi, OSC or automation systems make Vertex the ideal choice for creative rental staging applications

Discover what you can do

Thank you to our clients for all the amazing projects around the world!

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