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System Overview

The Vertex AV production suite is an entirely hardware-independent solution. Use a single standalone machine or scale up to a multi-system network cluster to playout any resolution needed. From digital signage to complex setups, Vertex offers a solution.

Hardware Independent

Choose the right system for each project by supplying your own hardware or ordering a turnkey system from one of our certified hardware suppliers.

Simple Licensing

Vertex features a simple and transparent product and license model allowing you to purchase and manage your licenses online.

Qualified Operators

Easily find qualified experts for your projects in our database of certified Vertex specialists.

Scaleable Performance

From single output micro system to multi-GPU setups, Vertex can combine any number of systems to playout any resolution needed. 

Multi User

Multi User by Design, VERTEX brings collaboration to a new level allowing users to work together in one project


Integrated Remote Support

Need assistance on a project? Looking for help for a certain task? Vertex features a integrated support system with optional on site remote support vom our support specialists.

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Playback & Editing

Combining a flexible editing interface with a high performance, high quality playback engine, Vertex offers the ideal feature set for any application.

Performance and Quality

Uncompressed Playback, 10bit HDR content , Photoshop files or just simple clips? Vertex offers support for over 180 video codecs, image formats and much more.

State of the Art IO

Create innovative screen designs and Integrate Vertex into Broadcast workflows using input cards or streaming protocols such as NDI in or out.

Content Management

As projects grow, the need for content management increases. Use unique tools such as content versioning, remote import or content clean-up to master any production. 

Precise but flexible

Build your show using the ultimate precision of timeline programming while staying flexible in playback by seamlessly fading to any cue .

2D or 3D Workflows

No matter if you are using pre rendered 2D content or what to animate 3D objects in realtime, Vertex offers both workflows, suitable for any application. 

Smart Backup

Be ready for any eventuality and let Vertex take care of your backup needs. Create smart backups by allowing any system take over for any other system in your session for the most reliable productions.  

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Show Control

Control and monitor any device for museums, theme parks, shows and installations. Vertex offers a large tool set for easy and powerful programming for any project. Be it for the creation of touchscreen interfaces or complex logical task programming, Vertex combines the essential functions in one application. 

Visual Programming

Create logic programming using the integrated Vertex node framework by simply adding components via drag n drop, without having to write a single line of code.

Device Control

Control and listen to projectors, Switchers, Sensors or even frameworks such as Crestron or AMX: Connect Vertex to any number of devices bidirectionally for integrated show control. 

Mobile Device Support

Deploy your own custom interface designs as a webpage to any mobile device for any number of devices. Simple control for users and technicians alike. 

Interface UI Design

Deliver rich interactive digital experiences using our drag and drop based UI editor. Create and adjust your design in real time, "what you see is what you get"

Decentralized Processing

Scalable performance to match any project: In Vertex, show control can be assigned to a dedicated machine or run in the background on a playout machine. 

Common Language API

Vertex features an easy to use integrated scripting language for any automation tasks. Already have programming experience? Use C#, Lua or Python or even write your own custom plugins.

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